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Savania Davies-Keiller has a unique way of looking at brands and design. Her approach is to focus on all aspects of a brand; product, site interface and the community it plans to engage with. What is a brand at its core, and what does it want to be. Her philosophy - collaborate with the client, introduce them to new communities and expand their world through great product, stories, and social engagement.

This has allowed Savania to provide clients with uniquely tailored solutions and their consumer's truly authentic and value-infused experiences.

She was the Founder and Creative Director / Design Director of DDCLAB, a designer apparel and accessories brand that had a focus on technology, as well as the Founder and Creative Director of DDCUSA, a full-service design studio.

She provided extensive design and development services to the following brands in the roles of Creative Director and Design Director:

New Balance, 361Sport, FHOLD ATAK, PF Flyers, GAP, Levi's, Reebok, Finish Line, DuPont, BMW/Mini Cooper, The Little House NYC and Bella Plume, an online women’s lifestyle brand with a focus on wellness, which will make its debut S/S 2019.

Savania has an extensive working knowledge of technology, innovation, and performance. She received the Material Connexions Medium Award for Fashion Innovation and has deep experience and knowledge in multiple categories, including Design, Brand Development, Content creation, Consumer Experience and marketing.

Through her extensive industry connections, Savania founded the Wellhouse, a collective of amazing people and talent. We believe the wellHouse is the agency of the future - a marriage of design and content, a continuous unbroken thread. Speaking your language in one voice, in all things, from start to finish.

The WellHouse runs deep. Let’s collaborate!

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